Bei Group

Bei Group has a proud track record of delivering quality housing and commercial property. It is passionate about providing innovative living experiences for residents that harness an area’s unique location and green space. The group also owns and manages a $150 million portfolio of premium office, retail and carpark buildings in Auckland’s central business district.

Unlike most developers operating in New Zealand, Bei Group has secure international funding meaning that it is not reliant on presales or local bank funding to ‘green light’ projects. Our long-term vision for projects means that Bei Group will retain single ownership of the design and build phases from start to finish.

We share a common interest with the Auckland Council in wanting to bring innovative housing supply onto the Auckland market at the same time as enhancing the local environment. Auckland’s population is projected to grow to 2.5 million over the next 30 years. Around 400,000 additional dwellings will be required by 2040, which means that at least 13,000 additional houses must be built each year. Bei Group has a role to play in responding to that demand through the delivery of medium to high-density mixed housing options.

We are actively seeking new sites across Auckland -both large and small- that are suitable for residential and commercial development.

Key advantages

  • Delivering innovative living and working environments
  • Secure international funding
  • A commitment to quality and delivering on a promise
  • An experienced and passionate team
  • Master-planning expertise
  • A focus on locations that will create value

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PO Box 911343 Victoria Street, Auckland 1142

For more information about our projects, you can call our
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